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Beautify With Class seeks to be the world’s leading online source of exclusive, quality beauty products from classic, emerging and niche brands. Through exceptional service, creativity and innovation, we strive to be not only become the ultimate beauty destination for customers worldwide, but also a place where our brands can grow and flourish. We are deeply dedicated to serving our employees, customers and brand partners alike.

Our Offering

Since 2015, Beautify With Class has focused on the research and development of uniquely advantageous natural products, to create better health and quality of life for you and your family. To complement the products you use, our Customer Service agents are available to answer all of your questions, and guide you through the proper use of any of our products. We also provide additional services in order to assist you in reaching your goals of better health.

Our Achievements


Today, more than a decade later, Beautifywithclass.com is one of the top online destinations for leading hair care products from every brand imaginable. And it’s not just limited to hair—Beautifywithclass.com now offers brands for nails, skin, cosmetics, babies and even pets! With over 16,000 products of 300 salon-exclusive and specialty brands, we committed to helping customers worldwide (in 60+ countries) fulfill just about any beauty care need.

Through our success, we continue to expended our product line each year and have earned the respect of an ever-growing educated customer base that now gravitates towards our brand. By upholding our high standards, we continue to see expansion in our target markets with new delivery advances in products and new partnerships.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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We thank you for looking into our efforts and brand. From great products and prices to a network of retailers and product materials that deliver facts to help educate you. We really do care about what we offer because most of all we know that longevity in the marketplace is all about taking care of you.